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Fed up of carrying it? Get a lift up

This might not quite be chicken and egg, but there comes a time when you need to move things up and down and carrying them might not be an option. If you’re asking what is this about, let’s paint a picture. You have a beachside house (lucky you!). The effects of the hurricane season over the last few years have meant you’ve raised it up because you’re fed up with being flooded every time there is a strong wind. (You probably have conceded global warming is a ‘thing’ too.)

Now let’s take this a stage further. Getting things in and out of the place now it is somewhat raised has become a bit of a problem – one which the good people of beach house cargo lifts can help with.

The idea is quite a simple one. Add a small elevator onto the side of the house – yes, it is on the outside – and use it to bring basically everything except people and animals in and out.

The elevator is small – the platform is 4 x 4 feet so you can tuck it into a convenient corner of the veranda and not have it obstruct the view of anything. Also, the makers have produced a pleasing lattice effect on the side so that it looks more like fencing than an elevator.

But you could call it small but mighty – 16 square feet is enough to bring in furniture, appliances, the shopping or the wood for the wood burning stove that keeps the place so cozy. But it is still small enough to be unobtrusive and not change the look and feel of your property too much.

beach house cargo lifts

There’s no need to do all the heavy lifting – you can get some assistance.