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Furnace Maintenance: Is it Time to Call?

You depend on the furnace to warm the home when it’s cold outside and while the unit does a phenomenal job of this act most of the time, problems can cause malfunction and trouble. It’s important to keep an eye on your furnace and pick up the phone to call for service if something is out of the ordinary. It’s also a good idea to schedule professional furnace maintenance walnut creek ca once per year to ensure that the unit is working good.

Average furnace repair cost is just over $300. Before you call a professional, there are a few steps to take to ensure that the issue isn’t minor enough to repair without the help of a professional. Believe it or not, many people inspect the unit and find that the furnace is still working good, but only a minor issue causes trouble. Complete the following steps to ensure that you really need an expert.

·    Check the settings on the thermostat. Turn it up by 2 degrees increments to see if the unit will turn on. If not, it’s time to pick up the phone to call for help.

·    Make sure the power switch hasn’t been turned off. You’d be surprised to learn how often this really happens.

·    Are any of the circuit breakers tripped? Has a fuse blown? Call a professional in such an incident.

·    Check the oil levels on the furnace if using an oil furnace or the fuel supply if using a gas furnace. Also make sure that the gas valve and the pilot light are both turned to the ‘on’ position.

furnace maintenance walnut creek ca

A furnace provides many lasting years of heat and comfort when it’s well maintained. Use the information above to help keep your unit working at its best efficiency for a longer period of time.